Top-restoration of a Volvo P1800

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The Volvo P1800 you can admire in these pages is a very special one... This P1800 is one of the very first being manufactured and being exported to the United States. The car is being restored to 100% original factory specification. This P1800 body was built in Britain before the P1800"S" versions which were built in Sweden
(the "S" means "Sverige"- Sweden). 
This Volvo P1800 was located by Piet Mozes Restorations in the past and then restored to top-condition for the proud new owner who can drive it home now...
This is a very nice example of a restoration that does right to the originality of the car. The car is mechanically new and better than new regarding paintwork, rust protection and overall assembly.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are planning to
have your own Volvo fully or partly restored...
to perfection...
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