Alvis 12/50 FWD, 1928
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Updated: 21-February-2024 17:54

Alvis 12/50 FWD, 1928

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Alvis 12/50 FWD, year 1928. Colour blue combined with a black leather interior. The Alvis 12/50 FWD is a very special and rare (sports) car, this Alvis model was the FIRST production car featuring Front Wheel Drive! The other specifications were exotic too; the four-cylinder engine sported an overhead camshaft and a supercharger! The cars were very successful in their race classes at Brooklands and at Le Mans. Only 140 examples were built, and 35 cars are still known to exist today. The Alvis comes with a wonderfully documented history file. In three massive file folders you will find a chronological history, period photographs, (service, restoration and overhaul) invoices and many more documents of interest. The history in a nutshell is available on request as PDF file. This ultra rare Alvis 12/50 FWD is a collectors dream. In the 1990s the car was restored to original condition in the UK. In 2014 the automobile was purchased by a Dutchman who had the engine fully rebuilt and a new exhaust made for road use. The engine was Dyno tested and fine-tuned. This magnificent automobile is in a wonderful condition. Alvis 12/50 Front Wheel Drive cars are scarce and seldom offered for sale, this is your opportunity to acquire one of these ultra-rare thoroughbreds!


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Technical data*

Four cylinder engine (OHC)
induction: 1 x solex carburettor and compressor (blower)
cylinder capacity: 1481 cc
capacity: 75 bhp at 5500 rpm.
top-speed: 85 mph. - 136 km/h.
gearbox: 4 speed manual+ overdrive
brakes: drum brakes around
suspension: independant with leaf springs around
weight: approx 20 cwt - 1000 kg.

Source: The Story of the Red Triangle

Alvis history

Alvis was founded by Thomas George John and G.P. de Freville. The first cars built under the Alvis name were manufactured in 1920, and the last Alvis (sports) cars came out of the factory in Coventry 47 years later. The ending of the brand name Alvis was sealed when it was incorporated into the British Leyland concern, where it became part of Rover.

The Alvis cars were of great quality and workmanship and were very fast as well. As for their cars, many parts were designed and manufactured by Alvis’ own staff, and production was small-scaled and exclusive. In the 1920s, Alvis was the first British car model to experiment with four-wheel drive. In fact, in 1925, they even manufactured sports and racing cars equipped with front-wheel drive, which had also been fitted with an overhead camshaft.

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