Alvis Speed 20 SA tourer, 1932
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Alvis Speed 20 SA tourer, 1932

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Alvis Speed 20 SA tourer, year 1932. Colour red combined with a pale grey leather interior and pale grey carpet. Pale grey hood, tonneau cover, and hood cover, all trimmed with red piping. This marvellous Alvis Speed 20 SA Tourer was sold new to a family Hebert in 1932. The original order forms for the chassis and the vanden Plas Tourer body are present in the extensive history file. The history is complete from day 1 and all the previous owners are known! This super original Alvis Speed 20 is a matching numbers car, the original Alvis car record, stating the original numbers is present. The last owner has cherished the Alvis since 1996. In the years 2000-2003 the car was fully and perfectly restored by a specialist firm. The mechanical components were overhauled and restored by Alvis specialist Early engineering in the UK. The ‘nut and bolt’ restoration was carried out to perfection. An extensive photo report of the restoration is present. The automobile is still in excellent to superb condition and the car drives, shifts, brakes, and handles delightfully! This is a rare opportunity to obtain an Alvis Speed 20 in wonderfully restored, and still super original condition, complete with a full history and matching numbers. This Alvis Speed 20 SA Tourer is a fantastic find for the Alvis collector and enthusiast.


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The Alvis Speed Twenty was built between the years 1932 and 1936; type SA in '32-'33, type SB in '34, type SC in '35 and finally type SD in '36.
The Speed 20 SA and SB were equipped with the Alvis 2511cc. six-cylinder "Silver Eagle" engine. The SC and SD types were enlarged to 2762 cc. The engine was equipped with an overhead camshaft and overhead valves and three S.U. carburetors. The Alvis Speed 20 was equipped with powerful mechanical drum-brakes and independent front-wheel suspension. Starting with the Speed 20 SB the car was upgraded with a fully synchronized four-speed gearbox. 351 SA chassis were built of which 124 are known to survive.

Technical data*

Six-cylinder engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 2511 cc.
induction: 3 SU carburettors
capacity: 87 bhp. at 4000 rpm.
top-speed: 89 mph. - 142 km/h.
gearbox: 4-speed manual (fully synchronized)
weight: 26 cwt - 1320 kg. (tourer)

*Source: The Story of the Red Triangle

Alvis history

Alvis was founded by Thomas George John and G.P. de Freville. The first cars built under the Alvis name were manufactured in 1920, and the last Alvis (sports) cars came out of the factory in Coventry 47 years later. The ending of the brand name Alvis was sealed when it was incorporated into the British Leyland concern, where it became part of Rover.

The Alvis cars were of great quality and workmanship and were very fast as well. As for their cars, many parts were designed and manufactured by Alvis’ own staff, and production was small-scaled and exclusive. In the 1920s, Alvis was the first British car model to experiment with four-wheel drive. In fact, in 1925, they even manufactured sports and racing cars equipped with front-wheel drive, which had also been fitted with an overhead camshaft.

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