Alvis TC21 100 convertible, 1955
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Alvis TC21 100 convertible, 1955

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Alvis TC21 100 convertible, year 1955. Colour two-tone black over grey combined with a ‘suede’ green leather interior and matching carpet. Black vinyl three position hood with grey felt headlining. This delightful Alvis TC21 100 convertible was imported from the UK to the Netherlands in 2007. In the UK the automobile was registered under the license number KNR999. This fine automobile was given a lot of attention over the years, this Alvis is in an excellent condition! The car was part of a car collection for 15 years, the owner drove the car regularly, and it was serviced meticulously. The Alvis shows fantastic original details. The car is fitted with chrome wire wheels, a classic Blaupunkt radio with chrome front (no FM), additional cooling vents in the front of the bonnet and Lucas SLR / SFT spot / fog lamps at the front. This Alvis TC21 100 convertible is a magnificent example in excellent condition inside and out!


Altena 2209 S2

The Alvis TA 21 and TC 21 were built between 1950 and 1955. The Drop Head Coupe versions of these models are very rare, 302 TA 21 DHC's have been built and only 224 TC 21 DHC's, all with Tickford bodywork.
The Alvis TA 21 and TC 21 models succeeded the Alvis TA 14 which was powered by a four cylinder engine. The TA 21 and TC 21 were fitted with a six cylinder engine which featured a crankshaft with seven main bearings (very durable!) and a cylinder capacity of 2993 cc. The suspension was also improved, the cars had an independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes. Alvis produced 200 21 TC and 526 21 TC/100 cars of which a total of 318 are known to survive.

Technical data*

Six cylinder in-line engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 2993 cc.
induction: 2 x SU H4
capacity: 100 bhp. at 4000 rpm.
top-speed: 100,1 mph. - 160 km/h.
transmiddion: 4-speed manual gearbox.
brakes: hydraulic drum brakes all round
weight: 31 cwt - 1575 kg.

*Source: The Story of the Red Triangle

Alvis history

Alvis was founded by Thomas George John and G.P. de Freville. The first cars built under the Alvis name were manufactured in 1920, and the last Alvis (sports) cars came out of the factory in Coventry 47 years later. The ending of the brand name Alvis was sealed when it was incorporated into the British Leyland concern, where it became part of Rover.

The Alvis cars were of great quality and workmanship and were very fast as well. As for their cars, many parts were designed and manufactured by Alvis’ own staff, and production was small-scaled and exclusive. In the 1920s, Alvis was the first British car model to experiment with four-wheel drive. In fact, in 1925, they even manufactured sports and racing cars equipped with front-wheel drive, which had also been fitted with an overhead camshaft.

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