Amilcar CGS, 1927
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Amilcar CGS, 1927

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Amilcar CGS, year 1927. Colour two-tone blue combined with a beige (tan) leather interior. This gorgeous Amilcar CGS was sold new in France, the French ‘Carte Grise’ dated 1982 is present. From 1982 until 2014 the car has known only one owner. Around the year 2000 the automobile was restored to its original lustre. Since completion of the restoration the car was driven occasionally, and it was regularly serviced. The car was always garaged under dry conditions. This gorgeous Amilcar CGS is in very good condition with a beautiful vintage patina. The Amilcar CGS was the most successful car produced by this French firm. Most of the cars were sold with sporting two-seat bodywork (at extra cost in aluminium) encouraging owners to participate in local competitions. The cast iron four cylinder in-line engine delivers a stunning 40 bhp from a displacement of 1,097 cc! This power combined with the very low weight made the Amilcar GCS a proper sports car! The presented GCS shows fantastic original details: This is a very desirable example!


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