Austin Mini Van, 1981
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Updated: 09-December-2022 11:13

Austin Mini Van, 1981

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Austin Mini Van, year 1981. Colour silver metallic with a blue roof-top and wing-trim. Black cloth interior and black carpet. All the interior body-panels are beautifully trim with dark grey sound proofing material looking like thin woven carpet. This delightful Austin Mini Van is in excellent condition and the car is a lot of fun to drive. The 1300 cc engine sounds and runs very sporty and the unit was modified to run on lead-free petrol. This Mini Van still features the old-style doors with the sliding windows and door hinges on the outside. The car is fitted with a luxurious wooden dashboard with the gauges in the centre, a sports steering wheel with black leather rim and Minilite style alloy wheels. This is a hard to find Austin Mini Van in excellent condition and with an extravert character!


Imparts 1804 S3

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