BMW Z8, 2002
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Updated: 28-May-2024 10:47

BMW Z8, 2002

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BMW Z8, year 2002. Colour 'Stratus Grau' metallic. 2.679 km.. BRAND new condition!


Gina Classcs 1114

In the mid-1990ies the board of directors at BMW decided that the time had come to give a go to the development of a true dream car. This resulted in the presentation of the Z07 design study which was presented in Tokyo in the year 1997 and in Detroit in 1998. The Z07 was a homage to the legendary BMW 507 but it also featured styling details of the Jaguar E-type (rear lights) and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR racer (streamline bulge behind the driver). Car lovers were very much impressed by this ‘retro-design’ Z07 concept car so BMW started the further development. In September 1999 BMW presented the result: the BMW Z8! The Z8 was the most exclusive and expensive car BMW had introduced for many decades. The Z8 presented a combination of retro styling with advanced technology. The very rigid unitary roadster bodywork was formed by an aluminium space-frame clad with aluminium outer skin panels and polyurethane bumpers. The Z8 was powered by the fabulous BMW M5 V8 power plant. Transmission to the rear wheels, fitted with special ‘run flat’ tyres was arranged by a rugged 6-speed manual gearbox. The design of the interior was a novelty in itself since the odometer and rev counter gauges were placed in the centre of the dashboard, this was never done before in a top class sports car. The BMW Z8 is a true ‘Edel-roadster’, built and finished to the highest standards of the time. The Z8 is a great homage to the vintage 507 sharing it’s frontal ‘shark nose’ appearance, split grille and ‘air vents’ in the front wings A ‘classic’ sports car in the proper sense – long bonnet, open roadster, driving position far back, torquey engine, rear wheel drive and a fantastic soundtrack! Only 5703 Z8’s were built, a highly desirable driver car and a true collectors piece.

Technical data*

V8 engine DOHC 32V
cylinder capacity: 4941 cc.
induction: eKe Bosch Motronic
capacity: 400 PS at 6600 rpm.
torque: 500 Nm at 3800 rpm.
top-speed: 250 km/h. (limited)
acceleration 0-100 km/h.: 4.7 sec.
gearbox: 6-speed, manual
weight: 1585 kg.

*Source: BMW Sportwagen

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers