Bugatti EB110 GT, 1994
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Updated: 31-January-2023 12:06

Bugatti EB110 GT, 1994

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Bugatti EB110 GT, year 1994. Colour Bugatti blue with bespoke grey leather interior. This is a one owner, like new Bugatti with just 859 km on the odometer! One of 95 ever produced.


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The Bugatti EB110 GT is a mid-engined 4-wheel-drive supersports car from Bugatti Automobili SpA. It was introduced September 15, 1991, both in Versailles and in front of the Grande Arche at La Défense in Paris, France, exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugatti's birth.

The car has double wishbone suspension all around and an advanced carbon fibre monocoque chassis manufactured by Aérospatiale, an aircraft company. The EB110 GT features upward hinging doors and a glass rear window thru which the impressive Bugatti V12 engine can be clearly seen. Five pre-production prototypes were built in aluminium, followed by eight prototypes with carbon chassis. It is believed that only 95 of the EB110 GT models were built.
The EB110 GT is capable of 216 mph (348 km/h) and 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds, which is still astonishing by the standards of 20 years hence.

In 1995, Romano Artioli's Bugatti Automobili SpA ceased to exist. Following that Dauer Sportwagen GmbH from Nüremberg in Germany bought the entire remaining stock of the company at an auction in 1997, including all spare parts and five unfinished EB110 chassis’. Dauer Sportwagen is well known as the firm who masterminded undoubtedly the very best road legal version of Porsche's 962 racing car, known as the Dauer-Porsche 962LM, which as a road-going GT won outright victory at Le Mans in 1994.
Walter Röhrl, the famous rally driver and car tester (World Rally Champion in 1980, 1982) called this Bugatti the best super car he ever drove!

Technical data

engine: V12 engine by Bugatti
5 valves/cylinder, four IHI turbo chargers (1.05 bar)
dry sump lubrication
cylinder capacity: 3500 cc.
capacity: 560 bhp at 8000 rpm. (160bhp per litre)
torque: 608 Nm at 3700 rpm.
top-speed: 342 km/h.
acceleration: 0-100 km/h : 3.46 sec.
gearbox: 6-speed manual
permanent four wheel drive
brakes: vented disc brakes all round + ABS
tires: Michelin Front 245/40 R18 ZR
rear 335/30 R18 ZR
weight: 1615 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers