Chevrolet Master Roadster, 1937
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Chevrolet Master Roadster, 1937

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Chevrolet Master Roadster, year 1937. Colour green combined with a natural brown leather interior. Pale grey soft-top with a ‘zippable’ rear window and a black hood-cover. This fantastic Chevrolet Master roadster is in a very good and very original condition, a true time capsule! The car shows a delightful and slight vintage patina. The original details are a delight; watch the dashboard gauges, the steering wheel, the lamps, the wheels, mud-flaps… Just wonderful! A special feature is the ‘dickey seat’ in the back where two additional passengers can find a seat! This Chevrolet Master roadster drives perfectly, the six-cylinder engine runs beautifully, and the three-speed gearbox shifts perfectly. This fine Chevrolet Master comes complete with the original driver’s handbook. This hard to find automobile can be imported to any country.


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