Citroën 15-SIX ‘Traction Avant’, 1951
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Updated: 27-September-2023 10:19

Citroën 15-SIX ‘Traction Avant’, 1951

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Citroën 15-SIX ‘Traction Avant’, year 1951. Colour black with a brown/greyish cloth interior. This relatively rare and exclusive Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ is in very good and super original condition; a true time-machine! The innovative Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ was presented in the year 1934. It was the first passenger car in series production with front wheel drive. The unitary bodywork construction was also ‘ground breaking’ in those pre-war days. The top-of-the-line model, the 15-SIX was introduced in the year 1938. This six-cylinder version was given a powerful 2.9 litre six cylinder in-line engine. The ‘Traction Avant’ 15-SIX was a fast and robust saloon and it offered excellent road-holding. The car became popular with the French police and with the robbers who did not want to get caught by them! This Citroën 15-SIX was imported to the Netherlands in the year 1971. The automobile drives and sounds perfectly. This is a rare and super original example!


Lex Classics 1606

Technical data

Six cylinder in-line engine
cylinder capacity: 2867 cc.
capacity: 77 bhp. at 3800 rpm.
gearbox: 3-speed, manual
top-speed: 135 km/h.
weight: approx 1170 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers