Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ 15-SIX, 1954
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Updated: 03-February-2023 10:02

Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ 15-SIX, 1954

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Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ 15-Six Berline, jaar 1954. Colour grey combined woith a dark grey velour interior. This fantastic and relatively rare Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ 15-SIX Berline was sold new in France. The first owner was mr. Mandel, the mayor of Evreux. In June 1969 the car was registered in the Netherlands. Since the year 2001 the car has been cherished by the last and current owner. This wonderful Citroën 15 SIX is in good and very original condition. The car drives and steers delightfully. The car features some special period accessories like a Quillery steering wheel and light knob. These luxury items have been partly fabricated from transparent plastic. Also fitted is aluminium bodywork trim by Robri. Furthermore, this fine Citroën is fitted with special horns on the front bumper, cricks under the car, a blue sun-visor, a radiator cover and additional gauges for water temperature and oil pressure. This Citroën ‘Traction Avant’ 15-SIX Berline is a true time capsule, a fantastic specimen for the true enthusiast!


Smiths 1219

Technical data

Six cylinder in-line engine
cylinder capacity: 2867 cc.
capacity: 77 bhp. at 3800 rpm.
gearbox: 3-speed, manual
top-speed: 135 km/h.
weight: approx 1170 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers