Daimler Double Six, 1981
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Updated: 11-June-2024 10:58

Daimler Double Six, 1981

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Daimler Double six (series 3), year 1981. Colour blue metallic with a beige leather interior. This Daimler presents all luxury goodies you can ask for like air conditioning, power windows, HiFi system, automatic gearbox, power sliding roof and of course the buttery sweet V12 engine.


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The Daimler Double Six was the sister model of the Jaguar XJ 12. The Daimler Double Six was presented in the year 1973 and the coupe model in the year 1975. The Jaguar XJ V12 and the Daimler Double Six combined the qualities of a sports car and a limousine in one car. Both presented excellent road holding capabilities, were very fast and powerful, and were very comfortable and silent.
The cars were identical except for the grille and badges. The Daimler was the luxury brand meant for buyers who appreciated sheer comfort.
The Daimler Double Six was built from the year 1973 until 1979. The Double Six Coupe was only built for two years, from 1975 until 1977. Also there was a Long Wheel Base (LWB) model available. This model offered a lot more space for the passengers in the rear. The Daimler Double Six coupe and LWB models are reasonably scarce automobiles, only 399 coupes and 351 LWB models were built.

Technical data

V12 engine
cylinder capacity: 5343 cc.
carburettors: 4 Stromberg carburettors
capacity: 282 pk. at 5750 tpm.
top-speed: 220 km/h.
gearbox: 4-speed automatic
weight: 1970 kg.

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