Delage D8 series C, 1930
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Updated: 22-September-2023 15:07

Delage D8 series C, 1930

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Delage D8 series C, year 1930. Colour grey with a hint of green (grey/green) combined with black wings and light green wire wheels. Cognac-brown leather interior and carpet to match. Black convertible-top and a cognac-brown hood-cover. This incredibly stylish, elegant and rare Delage D8 has chassis number 3378X and the automobile is fitted with breath-taking Figoni bodywork. The Delage D8 features a smooth running and beautifully constructed eight-cylinder in-line engine. This top-class automobile is in concours condition! The make of Delage was one of the most highly regarded brands in the first half of the 20th century. The ‘marque’ takes price of place amongst other great constructors like Mercedes-Benz, Hispano-suiza, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Voisin and Delahaye. According to the Figoni archives this Delage D8 was delivered on 20 October 1930 to J. Smith & Co Ltd, the British Delage representative. According to the same archives the Delage D8 chassis was fitted with a ‘faux-cabriolet’ bodywork with the number 994. It is said that the metal ‘faux-cabriolet’ roof-top was replaced by a convertible-top at some time in the 1930’ies; a fairly regular operation in the period.
The documented history continues in 1974. At that time the car was mentioned in the Delage section of the VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club – U.K.) and the owner was identified as a certain Mr. P. Heath living in the South of France or in Spain. In the 1990’ies, the car was owned by Mr. G. Sambucchi from Nice, France. In the year 2002 the automobile was acquired by Mr. J. LaFond. The latter had the car restored to immaculate concours condition by the firm of J.L. Bonnefoy in Orval, France. This very extensive restoration and rebuild started in the year 2004 and the work was completed in 2006. The chassis and the complete drive-line (engine, gearbox, drive-shafts, axles, suspension etcetera) were restored and overhauled. The bodywork was completely restored including the ash frame. A photo reportage of the restoration is present. The result of the restoration is stunningly gorgeous; this is a TOP CLASS ‘Grand Routier’ from the golden age of motoring. In the years between the two World Wars ‘the sky was the limit’ for the rich and the famous, and upper class certainly showed that to all and sundry.

Technical data: 8 cylinder in-line engine, 4061 cc, 102 bhp, manually operated 3-speed gearbox drum-brakes all-round.

This gorgeous Delage D8 is a masterpiece from the golden years of motoring history. A rare and desirable collectors’ item which will be admired in awe at the most exclusive concours d’élégances around the globe.


LC 1712

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers