Donkervoort S8A, 1989
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Updated: 27-September-2023 10:19

Donkervoort S8A, 1989

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Donkervoort S8A, year 1989. Colour British Racing Green with a black leather interior. This tremendous Donkervoort is in very good original condition and the car has driven 58.000 kilometres form new. The driving experience of this ‘pocket rocket’ is very intense and communicative; the 2-Litre Ford four-cylinder engine with petrol injection delivers 120 bhp and the car weighs only about 600 kilogrammes. The car is very low and wide build which guarantees very high cornering speeds in combination with the enormous grip of the wide wheel/ tire combination. The driver and passenger fit snugly in the leather bucket seats and the sensations of speed and the G-forces in the curves are communicated to them almost unfiltered. These cars are at home on twisty country roads as well as on a racing circuit!


Imparts 1705 S2

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers