Fiat 132 1800 S Automatic, 1973
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Fiat 132 1800 S Automatic, 1973

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Fiat 132 1800 Special Automatic, year 1973. Colour dark blue combined with a red leatherette interior and red carpet. Red protective mats. This beautiful and quite rare Fiat 132 1800 S automatic was sold new in Rome Italy to Rolando Filipetti, the personal chauffeur of prime minister Giulio Andreotti. The car comes with many memorabilia of this relationship; A retirement farewell letter signed by Andreotti, Christmas card and a signed photo. Also, historic documents, and the original owner’s manual are present. Before the car was exported to the Netherlands in 2018, the car was given extensive service in Italy (September 2018). Amongst others, the radiator was renewed, as were the fluids, hoses, and tyres. The car was given new paint in the past, this was done professionally and properly. The car shows all the original details, and the original interior is fully original and in immaculate condition. This Fiat is in a particularly good to excellent condition, you will find only slight traces of previous use in the interior, and some minor imperfections like a paint-chip off the passenger door, a small spot of corrosion on the lower part of the right wing and two missing ‘plastic head’ screws in the rear lamp covers. The mechanicals function perfectly, the engine runs smoothly, and the automatic gearbox shifts accurately. The odometer currently shows 06.243 kilometres. It is realistic to assume that the car has driven 106.243 kilometres from new considering the wonderful all-over condition. This is a rare Fiat 132 1800 S Automatic with a 1970s Italian governmental connection close to the prime minister. You will be hard pressed to find a better-preserved example.


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The fiat 132 was introduced in May 1972, being the successor of the Fiat 125. With the larger 132 Fiat expanded their programme upward. The 123 featured a new clear styling in the best post war Fiat traditions, up-rated suspension and steering, and advanced twin cam engines which were derived from the 124 Sport. The Fiat 132 was available with all the luxury imaginable in the 1970s: automatic gearbox, air-conditioning, heated rear window, metallic paint, and alloy wheels. The Fiat 132 was available with 1600 and 1800 engines. The Fiat 132 Special was the first Fiat production saloon featuring an external rear view mirror!

Technical data

Four cylinder in-line engine
twin camshafts (DOHC)
induction: twin choke carburettor
cylinder capacity: 1755 cc
capacity: 105 DIN bhp at 6000 rpm
top- speed: 106 mph – 170 km / h
gearbox: 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic
brakes: servo assisted disk brakes on all wheels
weight: 1070 kg (manual), 1060 kg (automatic)

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