Fiat 1600 S OSCA convertible, 1963
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Updated: 05-August-2022 12:40

Fiat 1600 S OSCA convertible, 1963

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Fiat 1600 S OSCA convertible, year 1963. Colour black with a red ‘leatherette’ interior and red carpet. Black hood. This rare and beautiful Fiat 1600 S OSCA is in very good original condition. Very special is the double camshaft OSCA engine designed by the Maserati brothers. The engine was produced by Fiat for OSCA competition homologation purposes. Thru this cooperation Fiat obtained a potent performance engine for their Pininfarina designed Fiat coupe and convertible and OSCA was ensured of the homologation and delivery of their competition engines! The 1600 S OSCA engine features an aluminium alloy cylinder head and two twin choke Weber carburettors. This very original Fiat 1600 S OSCA features a sound body work and very nice paint and chrome. The interior is beautifully original. These fine and rare Italian cars are very hard to find. Great to drive and a solid investment.


Smiths-Veglia 1505

Technical data

4 cylinder in-line engine (OSCA DOHC)
cylinder capacity: 1568 cc.
induction: 2 x twin choke Weber (34 DLS2)
capacity: 100 bhp. at 6000 rpm.
torque: 133 Nm at 4000 rpm.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
top-speed: 110 mph - 177 km/h.
weight: 990 kg.