Fiat Dino 2000 Spider, 1968
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Updated: 01-December-2023 17:12

Fiat Dino 2000 Spider, 1968

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Fiat Dino 2000 Spider, year 1968. Colour red with a beige leather interior and beige carpet. This fantastic Fiat Dino Spider was sold in 2005 by Smiths-Veglia to the current owner. The car was enjoyed for years until the owner decided to carry out an extensive restoration of the car which was still in very good condition. The car was fully taken apart restored and rebuilt, the process is pictured in about 500 photographs which are compiled in a large photo-book (two copies) with descriptions. The perfect original interior was preserved and the correct Autovox radio was fitted. This mighty Fiat Dino Spider is in superb top condition; concours! Since completion of the restoration the car has driven only 400 kilometres. A top-class specimen!