Ford Comete, 1954
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Ford Comete, 1954

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Ford Comète, year 1954. Type FBAFM. Colour black with a bronze roof top and a cognac brown leather interior. The rare and beautiful Ford Comète was produced at F.A.C.E.L. in Paris, the chassis with V8 engines came from the Ford France (SAF) works in Poissy. On a visit at the French factory Henry Ford was struck by the beauty, elegance, and finish of the French built Comète and had a few shipped to the USA for family use. Prince Rainier of Monaco, owner of a FACEL Bentley bought a Comète for his spouse Grace Kelly. The Ford Comète was voted ‘the most elegant European car’ by a jury of twenty Parisian personalities. Jean Daninos, owner of F.A.C.E.L. was also impressed by looks and grace of the car, the Comète inspired him to design his legendary Facel Vega car. This Ford Comète is 1954 13 cv model with the larger 2355 cc (80 hp) Aquillon V8 engine mated to an optional Cotal electric-hydraulically operated four speed gearbox with an intriguing ‘joy stick’ type column shifter. A total of 2265 Comètes was built of which only a small number were equipped with the electric-hydraulically operated Cotal four-speed gearbox.


Classic Open 2310 S2

Technical data*

V8 engine (Ford Aquillon flathead) with side valves
cylinder capacity: 2355 cc
induction: 1 x Zenith Stromberg carburettor
capacity: 80 bhp. at 4800 rpm
torque: 145 Nm at 2700 rpm
top-speed: 145 km/h - 90 mph
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 21,1 sec. (0-60 mph: 19,4)
gearbox: 3-speed manual /Cotal 4-speed manual electric-hydraulic
brakes: drum brakes around
weight: 1350 kg.


Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers