Ford Mustang 289 convertible, 1965
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Updated: 17-May-2022 18:06

Ford Mustang 289 convertible, 1965

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Ford Mustang 289 convertible, year 1965. Colour bright red with a red leathercloth interior and red carpet. Black hood and a red hood-cover. This fantastic Ford Mustang convertible was professionally and extensively restored to superb top condition; concours! This is a sought after early 1965 model featuring the powerful 289 cubic inches (4.7 Litre) V8 engine combined with a 3-speed automatic gearbox. This beauty features air-conditioning, an electrically powered hood and an automatic gearbox. This is a TOP class example!


CCF 1903

Technical data

V8 engine
cylinder capacity: 4728 cc.
capacity: 200 bhp. at 4400 rpm.
top-speed: approx. 176 km/h.
weight: 1290 kg.
length x width x height: 461 x 173 x 130 cm.