Herbert Engineering Nelson V8 special, 1931
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Updated: 09-December-2022 11:13

Herbert Engineering Nelson V8 special, 1931

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Herbert Engineering (H.E.) Nelson V8 open-tourer special, year 1931. Colour dark red (burgundy) over black combined with a beige leather interior and a black hood. Herbert Engineering is one of the many small pre-WW2 British car manufacturers who have been forgotten for many decades now. The H.E. firm closed shortly after the introduction of this model. H.E. motorcars are very, very rare so we are proud to present this very interesting rough special to you. The car comes with a perfectly documented history of over 85 years! Most interesting is the fact that the second owner, a Mr. Nelson, exchanged the original six cylinder in-line engine for an American V8 power-plant in 1934! Not the first British car featuring an American 8-cylinder engine, that credit goes to the 1933 Railton Terraplane. But one of the first British cars (and specials) fitted with an American V8 engine! The engine is a 3.6 Litre Ford ‘flat-head’ V8 which is mounted very low in the chassis! This chassis is already ‘underslung’ at the rear (axle mounted over the chassis). The final drive was also up-rated with a higher ratio and the mechanical cable operated brakes were exchanged for a hydraulic system. Recently the engine was fitted with new high compression cylinder heads and electronic ignition. This H.C. Nelson V8 special surely looks purposeful, also with the hood erected! The bonnet forms almost half of the length of the car! This is a very remarkable special which is a little bit rough in detail. A great project for the enthusiast! The automobile is currently registered in Great Britain.


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