Humber Snipe 80 tourer, 1934
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Updated: 01-December-2023 17:12

Humber Snipe 80 tourer, 1934

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Humber Snipe 80 tourer, year 1934. Colour Ivory white combined with dark blue enamelled wire wheels. Dark blue leather interior and carpet. Blue hood, hood cover and tonneau cover. This magnificent Humber Snipe 80 open tourer is in very original, very good condition! The automobile drives, shifts, steers and brakes remarkably well for a car of 70 years vintage! Everything about the car gives one the impression that Humber was a supplier of top-class engineered automobiles in those days of old. The Humber Snipe already featured a synchronised 4-speed gearbox and a special ‘free wheel’ option! The six cylinder in line engine runs very smooth and the long crankshaft rotates in seven main bearings. The engine delivers 78 horsepower in a most convincing way making this open tourer quite a sporty big car! This rare Humber Snipe is very original and the car shows a beautiful patina from years of use and age. The hood, the hood cover and the tonneau cover have been renewed recently. This is a delightful, rare and very well driving pre-war automobile.


Altena 1506

Technical data

Six cylinder in-line engine
cylinder capacity: 3498 cc.
induction: 1 Stromberg carburettor
capacity: 78 bhp.
top-speed: 65 mph. – 120 km/h.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual (synchronised)

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