Jensen 541 S, 1961
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Jensen 541 S, 1961

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Jensen 541 S, year 1961. Colour white with a red metallic roof-top. Light beige (Magnolia) leather upholstery and beige carpet. This gorgeous and rare Jensen 541 S was restored in Great Britain in the past. Invoices concerning the restoration are present. The automobile is in very good and beautiful condition and the car shows off all the original details. The Jensen 541 S features a big Austin 3993 cc Austin six cylinder in-line engine with a magnificent engine sound. The power is being transmitted to the rear wheels via a Rolls-Royce Hydramatic 4-speed automatic gearbox. The Jensen 541 S is a very rare car as stated above, only 127 cars were built of which 20 were fitted with a manually operated gearbox and 107 cars featured the Rolls Royce Hydramatic. The Jensen 541 S features a steel chassis with a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) bodywork, this in the tradition of many post-war small British sports car manufacturers. With a Jensen 541 S you don’t drive incognito; a real head-turner it is and a special piece of British car history!


LC 1706

The brothers Richard and Alan Jensen started building special bodies on Standard and other chassis makes in the thirties of the twentieth century. From the year 1935 they started fabricating their own cars fitted with Nash and Ford engines. In the year 1950 the first Interceptor was presented, powered by a big six cylinder Austin engine. Jensen Motor Company had found her way building fast and stylish GT's. In 1953 the beautiful Jensen 541 was presented on the London motor show. The 2+2 coupe was given strong and purposeful lines and the bodywork was made of GRP (Glass fiber reinforced plastic). The car was powered by a four Litre Austin six cylinder in-line engine. In the fall of 1956 the 541 de luxe was introduced, this model was equipped with disc brakes all round. In 1957 the 541 R saw the light of day. In the year 1960 the 541 S was introduced. This model featured a wider body and thus a more spacious interior. The 541 S was also fitted with a limited-slip differential and the car could be ordered with a Rolls-Royce Hydramatic 4-speed automatic gearbox.  From 1953 until 1957 Jensen built 225 Jensen 541 cars of which 53 were de luxe models. 200 Jensen 541 R models were built from 1957 until 1960. The 541 S is the rarest model, only 127 cars of this type were made of which 107 cars were fitted with the automatic gearbox and only 20 cars were fitted with a manually operated gearbox.

Technical data

Six cylinder in-line engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 3993 cc.
induction: 3 S.U. carburettors
capacity: 152 bhp. at 4100 rpm.
top-speed: 176 km/h - 110 mph
brakes: disc brakes all round
gearbox: 4-speed, automatic
weight: 1475 kg.

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Marc Vorgers