Maserati Merak SS, 1979
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Maserati Merak SS, 1979

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Maserati Merak SS, year 1979. Colour red with a black leather interior and black carpet. This fabulous Maserati Merak SS was sold new in the USA. In the year 2015 the automobile was imported to the Netherlands. This car is a true time-machine; a Maserati Merak SS in pristine original condition and a very low mileage of only 7574 miles! The car was never restored; it is in untouched and perfectly preserved TOP-condition, concours! You will be hard pressed to find another specimen in this unique condition, if possible. This Maserati Merak SS shows all the original details of the last model; the most beautiful edition in our eyes and the rarest, only 312 examples have been built.
I the USA the rubber bushes of the suspension have been renewed and in the Netherlands the Weber carburettors have been overhauled. Additionally, the American type front flasher/courtesy lamp lenses were exchanged for orange/white European lenses. This is a unique, original, Merak SS in top condition!


Smiths 1703

Technical data

V6 engine
cylinder capacity: 2965 cc.
capacity: 220 bhp. at 4250 rpm.
top-speed: 248 km/h.
gearbox: 5-speed, manual
weight: 1366 kg.