Messerschmitt KR200, 1956
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Updated: 28-May-2024 10:47

Messerschmitt KR200, 1956

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Messerschmitt KR200, year 1956. Chassis number 730XX. Colour white with a red vinyl interior trimmed with white piping. Black rubber floor covers. This fantastic Messerschmitt KR200 (KR means Kabinen Roller) was imported from Germany. The ‘bubble car’ was extensively and beautifully restored in that country. Since the restoration the car has driven only 200 kilometres. The car has been serviced and maintained by a German Messerschmitt specialist. A photo reportage of the restoration is present. This Messerschmitt ‘bubble car’ is known and registered at the German Messerschmitt club. This car is in superb condition and the driving experience is terrific!


Lex Classics 1508

Technical data*

1 cylinder Fichtel & Sachs 200 AZL-R air-cooled two-stroke engine
induction: 1 Bing carburettor type 1/24/87 or 1/24/88
cylinder capacity: 191 cc.
capacity: 9,7 bhp atj 5250 rpm.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
top-speed: 105 km/h - 65 mph
weight: 230 kg.


Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers