Morgan 4/4, 1998
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Updated: 24-May-2024 16:35

Morgan 4/4, 1998

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Morgan 4/4 1800, year 1998. Colour dark British Racing Green with a black leather interior piped green. Black vinyl soft top and tonneau cover. This fine Morgan 4/4 was delivered new by the Dutch Morgan representative (Nimag). From new the car has driven 44.177 kilometres. The automobile is in superb (excellent++) condition, like new! The service booklet is present and the (service) history is fully known. This Morgan drives perfectly! the car sports chrome wire wheels, a chrome luggage rack, chrome bumpers, a wooden dashboard, a badge bar and a special umbrella storage 'tube' above the rear bumper!


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The Morgan 4/4 was built for over 50 years. The first model, introduced in the year 1936 was the 4/4 with flat radiator which was built until the year 1951. After a four year break (only the Morgan plus 4 was built those years) the Morgan 4/4 was going to be rebuild. The car did not change a lot (conservative as they are at the Morgan company), only the shape of the radiator changed from flat to cowled. Morgan never built their own engine, the early flat radiator cars were powered by Standard or Ford engines. The cowled radiator models were powered by Ford engines. The Ford engine used was known as the "Kent" engine and was also used in Fords Cortina model. Morgan 4/4 1600 cars were powered by the 1599 cc. Ford Kent engine which had a standard capacity of 98 bhp. giving the light car (two seater 660 kg./ four seater 785 kg.) sporty performance. The cars were fitted with a four speed manual gearbox. The modern Morgan 4/4 models are powered by a Ford Zetec 16V engine. These cars feature petrol injection and a five speed manual gearbox. The Morgan 4/4 is a very special car to drive because it has it's own strong character. It cannot be compared with any other roadster or convertible.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers