Morgan  8, 1972
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Updated: 17-May-2024 16:10

Morgan +8, 1972

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Morgan +8, year 1972. Colour blue combined with a black leather interior and burgundy weather equipment (soft-top, side-screens and trunk-cover). This is a gorgeous and super original early ‘narrow body’ Morgan +8. The car is powered by the legendary Rover 3500 V8 engine. The last owner has cherished the Morgen for 13 years. The automobile is in a very good and super original condition and the car was serviced perfectly. In these years the engine and the gearbox were overhauled, the ‘king-pins’ of the front suspension were rebuilt and a new wiring loom was fitted. The engine cooling was also improved with the placement of an additional electric fan (with dashboard switch) and an oil-cooler. The interior was renewed in conjunction with the weather equipment. Most of the work and all the service was carried out by Imparts. This magnificent Morgan features a chrome baggage rack with suitcase to match, a MotoLita sports steering wheel with a wood rim, two door mounted rear view mirrors, a Stainless-Steel exhaust, additional wide beam driving lamps at the front, the wonderful original 15-inch alloy wheels and a leather belt over the bonnet. A Morgan +8 is a highly desirable British sports car which brings a lot of driving fun. The powerful V8 engine is a delight and the engine sound is truly addictive!


Imparts 1906

Technical data

Rover V8 engine
2 S.U. carburettors
cylinder capacity: 3528 cc.
capacity: 161 DIN bhp. at 5200 rpm.
torque: 300 Nm. at 3000 rpm.
top-speed: approx. 200 km/h.
gearbox: five speed, manual (Rover)
weight: 850 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers