Morgan  8, 1981
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Updated: 12-July-2024 10:33

Morgan +8, 1981

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Morgan +8, year 1981. Colour British Racing Green with a black leather interior. This fantastic Morgan +8 was sold new in the Netherlands. The car comes from a Dutch owner who has cherished the car for many years. The Morgan is perfectly serviced and maintained, the car is in very good to excellent condition with a good interior showing signs of use. This Morgan +8 is a sought after early carburettor model fitted with the 3.5 Litre Rover V8 engine. The driving experience of the Morgan +8 is unique; the car feels and drives like a big ‘go-kart’; sporty and blessed with enormous acceleration power. The sound-track of the engine is splendid; the powerful pulses can be felt melting together with all the other impressions of speed. On the other hand, the Morgan +8 can be driven lazily and in comfort over long distances with the sonorous V8 rumble in the background. This fine Morgan features a walnut dashboard, a chrome baggage-rack, side-curtains, a MotoLita steering wheel, a Mohair tonneau-cover, 12V socket, Brooklands racing screens, a badge-bar with additional spot-lamps, safety belts, head-rests and a Stainless-Steel exhaust. This is a formidable Morgan +8!


LC 1709

Technical data

Rover V8 engine
2 S.U. carburettors
cylinder capacity: 3528 cc.
capacity: 161 DIN bhp. at 5200 rpm.
torque: 300 Nm. at 3000 rpm.
top-speed: approx. 200 km/h.
gearbox: five speed, manual (Rover)
weight: 850 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers