Morris 1100, 1970
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Morris 1100, 1970

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Morris 1100, year 1970. Colour white combined with a black leatherette interior and grey carpet. This remarkable Morris 1100 was sold new in the Netherlands. The car comes from the second owner who has cherished the Morris since 1982! Just after the purchase in 1982 the car was given a new paintjob in the original colour. The 40 years old paint is still in very good condition, and the bodywork is completely sound. The Morris has driven just short of 100.000 kilometres. The car drives perfectly, the engine runs beautifully, and the gearbox shifts like it should. The innovative ‘Hydrolastic’ suspension works brilliantly, and it gives the car a comfortable ride. This Morris 1100 is in a very good and super original condition! The interior is very spacious and offer space for five passengers. The Morris 1100 was also available with other grilles and ‘marque’ badges as Austin Glider, Wolseley, MG and Riley with the code name ADO16. An early example of ‘badge engineering’ which is the norm in modern car manufacture. The car has received a full service, a new petrol pump, and four new tyres! The Morris 1100 is another interior space miracle designed by Alec Issigonis, father of the iconic Mini.


Classic open 2303

Technical data*:

Four cylinder in-line (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 1098 cc
Induction: 1 S.U. carburettor
capacity: 48 bhp at 5100 rpm
torque: 81 Nm at 2500 rpm
top-speed: 78 mph - 125 km/h.
gearbox: 4-speed manual, front wheel drive
brakes: front discs, rear drums
weight unladen: 832 kg.


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Phone: +31 (0)26 442 99 37
Bonnetstraat 33
6718 XN Ede