Morris 14/6 saloon, 1937
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Updated: 12-August-2022 15:38

Morris 14/6 saloon, 1937

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Morris 14/6 Series 3 saloon, year 1937. Colour pale grey combined with a dark blue leather interior and dark blue carpet. This rarely seen Morris 14/6 with six-cylinder in-line engine was extensively restored and overhauled in the past. The automobile is in excellent condition and the car drives delightfully! This fine automobile shows all the original details, like the steel disc wheels, the magnificent wooden dashboard with gauges in the centre, the additional chrome driving lamp at the front, chrome claxon, front windscreen with ventilation position, and the orange arm type ‘trafficators’ (direction indicators). A superb factory option is the large sunshine roof! The leather interior is beautifully preserved, the carpet was renewed. The 1818 cc. side-valve engine looks a picture and is runs beautifully silent. The gearbox is a four-speed manually operated unit. This Morris 14/6 comes with a remarkable and complete history file!


Imparts 1811 S2

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