Morris Minor Tourer, 1970
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Updated: 05-August-2022 12:40

Morris Minor Tourer, 1970

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Morris Minor Tourer (cabriolet), year 1970. Colour Old English White with a red leathercloth interior trimmed with white piping. Black carpet, black vinyl hood and hood cover. This wonderful Morris minor cabriolet was extensively restored in the past. During the rebuild the upholstery was renewed and the engine and the gearbox were overhauled. The automobile is in a very good and beautiful condition! The rebuilt engine is fitted with a bigger S.U. HS4 carburettor, 123 electronic ignition and an alternator. Additionally, the car features disc brakes at the front wheels and a Stainless-Steel exhaust. Other extras: roll-up safety belts and a tow-bar. This Morris Minor was recently serviced. The owner’s manual is present. This is a wonderful British cabriolet which offers a lot of open driving fun for four persons.


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