Morris Minor Traveller, 1970
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Updated: 22-May-2024 13:11

Morris Minor Traveller, 1970

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Morris Minor Traveller, year 1970. Colour blue (Clipper Blue) combined with a pale blue leatherette interior and blue carpet. This delightful Morris Minor is a rare left hand driven example in very good and wonderful condition. The automobile was restored in the past, the leatherette upholstery is still original and in good shape. A Morris Minor is an easy to drive and to service classic British car with a very likeable British appearance. The Traveller is also very practical, it can be enjoyed on any weekend trip, or for shopping / running errands close to home. This Minor Traveller will also be an asset to a flower store or any other ‘lifestyle’ shop to deliver goods to customers. The Morris Minor features a hydraulic clutch, power assisted brakes, electronic ignition, drum brakes around, a reliable four-cylinder engine, a four-speed gearbox, and safety belts for four people. This is a wonderful example showing all the original details!


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