Packard 640, 1928
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Updated: 17-May-2024 16:10

Packard 640, 1928

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Packard 640 Custom 8 saloon, year 1928. Colour two-tone green body with black wings. Green/beige 'Pullman' interior. This impressive Packard was delivered new to the Packard representative 'Pilette' of Belgium (Bruxelles) early 1929. The Packard automobiles of the 1920'ies were the most expensive cars money could buy. Very high quality and perfect craftsmanship can be noted in every detail. This Packard 640 Custom 8 was extensively restored, the car is in stunning superb (excellent+) condition and the car drives superbly. The straight-8 engine runs extremely smooth and the gearbox shifts effortlessly. The driver and passenger compartment are separated by a roll-up window. The driver compartment features a green leather bench and a beautiful wooden dashboard. The passenger compartment breathes a Royal atmosphere. Soft green velour upholstery, wool carpet, expensive woodcarvings with inlays, roll curtains, clock, foot rests, all comfort is present. This is a very rare automobile from the golden 1920'ies when everything was possible. A highly desirable automobile for the connoisseur and collector in fantastic condition.


Altena 0714

Technical data

eight cylinder in-line engine (straight-8)
cylinder capacity: 6100 cc.
capacity: 106 bhp.
top-speed: 140 km/h.
gearbox: 3-speed manual

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