Peugeot 504 cabriolet, 1980
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Updated: 22-May-2024 13:11

Peugeot 504 cabriolet, 1980

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Peugeot 504 cabriolet, year 1980. Colour pale green metallic combined with a pale brown leather interior and brown carpet. Black hood and a pale brown vinyl hood cover. This wonderful Peugeot 504 cabriolet was sold new in the Netherlands. A few years ago, the bodywork was restored, and the interior was restored. The bodywork shows perfect paint and the interior was upholstered with high quality leather and carpet. The bodywork also received a Dinitrol anti-corrosion treatment. Recently the injection system and the dynamo were overhauled. The suspension was uprated with new shock absorbers, new ball joints, new Michelin tyres, and the wheels were aligned. The car was also fully serviced. The hood is still original. This gorgeous Peugeot 504 cabriolet is in very good to excellent condition and the car drives perfectly! The car is fitted with original 15-inch alloy wheels, a Nardi steering wheel with a wood rim, alarm system, and a ‘wind-stop’.


CJ 2008

Peugeot automobiles created beautiful coupe and convertible models based upon their four door sedan cars. Peugeot built coupe models of the 203, 204, 304, 404 and the featured Peugeot 504. Just like the convertible models the coupe cars were all beautiful automobiles. The 504 coupe and convertible were designed by PininFarina, just like the 504 Berlina. The coupe and convertible models were presented on the Geneva Motor Show in the year 1969. Mechanically the cars were the same as the 504 Berlina but their wheelbase was shortened. In the early years the cars were sold with a 1796 cc. four cylinder engine. Later the PRV*  2664 cc. V6 engine became available too in the coupe and convertible models. The Berlina was never sold with V6 engine. (* V6 engine developed by Peugeot/ Renault and Volvo). The cars were fitted with power brakes and disc brakes all round. The Peugeot 504 series was produced for a long time; the Berlina was built until 1983 and production of the coupe and convertible ceased in 1982.

Technical data

four cylinder engine
cylinder capacity: 1971 cc.
capacity: standard 103 bhp. at 5600 rpm.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
top-speed: 180 km/h.
weight: 1220 kg.

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