Rolls-Royce Phantom I 'Springfield', 1926
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Updated: 05-August-2022 12:40

Rolls-Royce Phantom I 'Springfield', 1926

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Rolls-Royce Phantom I ‘Springfield’ with bodywork by Brewster, year 1926. Body colour black with dark red striping, aluminium bonnet and dark red wire wheels. Dark red leather interior, carpet, hood and hood-cover. This very impressive Rolls-Royce Phantom I is in possession of the same owner for a few decades now, a former owner was Mr. Axel Springer of the world renowned Axel Springer publishing company. The current long-time owner is selling one of his favourites in which he has participated in many historic long distance (touring rally) event, the car and owner has even seen the pyramids of Egypt. Recently the automobile was restored to bring it to top condition. Beautiful new paint, a newly upholstered interior (made in England), a new hood and newly spoked wheels are the finishing touches. This Rolls-Royce is in a superb condition and the car drives impressively! This Rolls Royce Phantom I ‘Springfield’ appears to be a two-person roadster/ cabriolet but additional seats are hidden under the trunk lid. The rear compartment can be entered via a cleverly concealed 3rd door! This is a rare and very special Rolls-Royce from the golden 1920ies in which ‘the sky was the limit’ for the rich and famous.


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