Saab 92B, 1953
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Updated: 31-March-2023 09:43

Saab 92B, 1953

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Saab 92B, year 1953. Colour green combined with a beige interior and rubber carpet. This very rare Saab 92B is a FULLY original 66 years old ‘SURVIVOR’! This automobile was never restored, and the car has driven only 60.000 kilometres in 66 years. The car is well documented, and the low mileage can be proven. The car was sold new in Sweden and it was imported to the Netherlands by a Saab collector a few years ago. The Saab 92 is one of the rarest Saab models, this specimen is a highly collectible ‘time machine’ in full original condition. Original paint, original interior and all the original details are present… The 764 cc (28 bhp) twin cylinder two-stroke engine still runs beautifully. This Saab is a must have for any Saab collector and a worthy competitor in any concours d’élégance original ‘survivor’ class!


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