Saab 95 estate, 1977
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Updated: 05-August-2022 12:40

Saab 95 estate, 1977

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Saab 95 estate, year 1977. Colour white with a brown cloth/leathercloth interior and brown carpet. This characteristic Saab estate is in excellent condition and the car drives delightfully! The automobile features the rugged 1500 cc (Ford) V4 petrol engine which produces a very pleasant exhaust note. The power is transferred to the front wheels via a four speed manually operated gearbox with gear-change on the steering-column. The big rear door opens up to a spacious boot which can be enlarged by folding down the rear bench. The sporty Minilite-style wheels look splendid on this car! This is an excellent Saab 95 V4 estate; a delightfully eccentric Swedish classic!


Imparts 1708 S1

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