Saab 95 V4 Station Wagon, 1975
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Saab 95 V4 Station Wagon, 1975

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Saab 95 V4 Station Wagon, year 1975. Colour green combined with a two-tone green vinyl / cloth interior. This fantastic Saab was imported from Sweden to the Netherlands in 2017. The automobile has known only three Swedish owners and the car has driven 127.500 kilometres from new (documented). This Saab is in excellent to superb ORIGINAL (concours) condition! The body still clad in it’s beautiful first paint and with a pristine original interior. A true time-machine in this desirable original condition! After arrival in the Netherlands last year, the owner had all the tires, the front shock absorbers and the windscreen renewed. This magnificent Saab Station Wagon features an original Saab roof-rack and a 3rd bench (kids only) in the boot which can be retracted in the floor. The Saab drives and handles very well and the 1500cc Ford V4 engine sounds beautiful. This is a rare, super original, Saab 95 Station Wagon!


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