Saab 96, 1961
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Updated: 05-August-2022 12:40

Saab 96, 1961

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Saab 96, year 1961. Colour black with a red/ grey interior. This is a so called ‘short-nose’ 850 2-stroke model in very original and good condition. After having been garaged for a couple of years the brake system was renewed / overhauled and the car received extensive service by a Saab 2-stroke specialist recently. The Saab 96 2-stroke is a fantastic classic with a strong personality. The Saab 2-stroke driving experience is very special!


Imparts 1705 S2

Svenska Aeroplan AB, SAAB originally started as a manufacturer of aero planes. After the second world war the firm decided to expand their business and started developing and manufacturing automobiles. It started with the Saab 92. The car was given a very aerodynamic bodywork and the car was fitted with a DKW two stroke engine. Saab decided to enter the car in rally competitions which brought great success. The Saabs were light, agile and aerodynamic. This combined with front wheel drive proved to the perfect ingredients for a successful rally car. The make became famous with amongst others rally driver Erik Carlsson.

The Saab 96 saw the light of day in the year 1960. Like it's predecessors the car was fitted with a three cylinder two stroke engine. In the year 1966 the two stroke engine was abandoned. From then the Saab 95 and 96 were fitted with a durable Ford V4 engine. The 3-speed gearbox was also discontinued in favour of a 4-speed fully synchronized box. The column gearshift was continued which certainly has advantages in rally driving! Considering the impressive rally history of Saab the 96 model is a perfect car to participate in historic rally events!

Technical data

3 cylinder two-stroke engine
cylinder capacity: 841 cc.
capacity: 57 bhp. at 5000 rpm.
gearbox: manual (column shift)
top speed: 145 km/h.
weight: 845 kg

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Phone: +31 (0)26 442 99 37
Bonnetstraat 33
6718 XN Ede