Stutz Series K DH open tourer, 1921
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Updated: 24-May-2024 16:11

Stutz Series K DH open tourer, 1921

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Stutz Series K DH open tourer, year 1921. Colour green/black with a black leather interior, black hood and black wire wheels. This fabulous Stutz Series K open tourer is in very good and very original condition. The automobile was extensively restored in Sweden in the very early 1980'ies. After that the car became part of a collection.
In the year 2011 the Stutz was purchased by a Dutchman. This Dutchman drove the Stutz in the 2500 kilometre 'Peaks of the Atlas' event in 2013 and the car was the winner of the 2012 '100 Miles of Amsterdam'. Since August 2011 the automobile has driven about 6500 trouble free miles. This Stutz is very well maintained and the car is a splendid driver. To increase safety the rear brakes were improved. The old pressed steel brake drums were exchanged by cast steel units thus improving the brake power substantially! Renewed / restored / overhauled in recent years: radiator, wiring, differential, gearbox, driveshaft joint, 6 Volts electric fuel pump fitted (original fuel pressure system retained) and additional driving lamps were fitted.
The four cylinder in-line engine runs beautifully. This engine features four valves per cylinder, double ignition (twin spark!) and a detachable cylinder head. This was also uncommon those days. The 'DH' in the type name points to this innovative 'Detachable Head' construction. The 3-speed manual gearbox is built in unit with the rear axle and the differential, a highly sophisticated 'trans axle' construction which was also applied by the European makes of Hispano Suiza and Bugatti in the period. The Stutz can be placed amongst the most important American automobile manufacturers of the twentieth century. This 1921 Stutz Series K DH open tourer shows of the advanced construction of this American brand in detail! A highly desirable automobile for the connoisseur and collector.


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Stutz Series K DH open tourer

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