Sunbeam Alpine 1725, 1966
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Updated: 21-February-2024 13:12

Sunbeam Alpine 1725, 1966

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Sunbeam Alpine 1725 Series V, year 1966. Colour red with a black interior, black carpet and a black soft-top. This gorgeous Sunbeam Alpine was imported from the USA to the Netherlands in the year 2013. The automobile is in excellent condition and the car drives delightfully! The Sunbeam Alpine shows fantastic design details, influenced by American cars of the 1950s. The door-handles and especially the implementation of the locks is remarkable. This Sunbeam Alpine features the most powerful 1725 cc four-cylinder engine and a Laycock overdrive. After import from the USA a lot has been improved: Amongst others the wiring-loom, the interior and the soft-top were renewed. The Sunbeam Alpine is a practical British convertible with a tiny bench behind the front seats (strictly for small children or luggage), and a generous boot. A fantastic Sunbeam Alpine in excellent conditon!


Imparts 1804

Technical data:

Engine: 4 cylinder in-line engine
cylinder capacity: 1723 cc
carburettor: 1 Zenith-Stromberg
capacity: 85 bhp at 5500 rpm
torque: 134 Nm at 3500 rpm
top-speed: 165 kmh - 101 mph
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
brakes: disks at the front, drum brakes at the rear
weight: 965 kg.

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