Talbot BA 105 Drop Head Coupe, 1935
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Updated: 17-April-2024 13:01

Talbot BA 105 Drop Head Coupe, 1935

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Talbot BA 105 Drop Head Coupe, year 1935. Colour ‘two-tone’ black with blue sides and black wire wheels. Grey leather interior. The Talbot firm became part of the Anglo-French ‘STD’ concern (Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq) in 1920. STD was very successful in the European racing competition under guidance of their genius engineer Louis Coatalen. The firm was also successful in setting absolute land speed records. Talbot automobiles were built in France and in England (London). This magnificent Talbot BA 105 DHC was manufactured in London. Only 23 Talbot BA 105 chassis were ever built. In those days, these high-end chassis were given bespoke coachwork by specialised firms. This car was given a ‘Fixed Head Doctors Coupe’ body by Carlton Carriage Company in London. On the 2nd of August 1935, the car was delivered to the trading firm Tozer, Kemsley & Milbourn Ltd who shipped the car to its first owner in South Africa. In the year 1993, the automobile was purchased by its fourth South African owner who started an extensive restoration. The ash frame of the bodywork was renewed, and the mechanics were overhauled. The chassis was paint-stripped and tested for metal fatigue. After that the chassis was painted and the car was meticulously built-up. The aluminium body panels were restored and re-fitted, the Doctors Coupe top was removed, and a Drop Head Coupe foldable hood was mounted. In the year 2017 the automobile was shipped to the Netherlands. In the years 2017 – 2019 much money was invested to bring the car up to date, mechanically and technically, to participate in historic (pre-war) rally events. This Talbot was entered for a few touring rally events including the 2019 event of the Talbot Club in New Sealand! This magnificent Talbot BA 105 DHC is in excellent condition and the car drives superbly. The excellent driving experience is aided by the presence of a magnificent ‘preselector gearbox’. Nice feature is that the box shifts up when the clutch is depressed! This is a very rare Talbot BA 105 DHC comes with a beautifully documented history and the car is ready for any new adventure in the hands of a new owner.


Altena 1910 S2

Technical data*

Six cylinder in-line engine (OHV)
cylinder capacity: 2969 cc
induction: 1 x Zenith carburettor
capacity: 100 bhp at 4500 rpm
gearbox: 4-speed, preselector, half-automatic
brakes: drum brakes all round
weight: 1720 kg.

*Source: Catalogue of British Cars 1895 - 1975, Cushaw & Horrobin

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