Toyota Corolla Coupe Rally Car, 1973
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Toyota Corolla Coupe Rally Car, 1973

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Toyota Corolla Coupe Rally Car, year 1973. Colour white combined with a black rally interior. This fantastic Toyota Corolla Coupé is a replica of the original Hannu Mikkola - Atso Aho Team Toyota Europe rally car in which they won the 1975 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland! The car was restored and built-up in the past by a Finnish specialist as a tribute to Hannu Mikkola (who sadly passed away on 26 February 2021, 78 years old). The car was on display in the Finnish rally museum for a year and you will find Hannu Mikkola’s signature on the left front wing. The car is registered in the Netherlands and it comes with history and three car magazines. The 1975 Magazine is about the original Mikkola car and the other two car magazines, one Finnish and one Dutch, have articles about the presented replica. Also present is the extremely rare original owner’s manual. This impressive Toyota Corolla rally car is a faithful recreation of the original rally car. The exterior shows all the correct details and decals which were perfectly recreated. The car is in excellent condition and it drives perfectly. The rally car was fitted with a 195 bhp Toyota 151E-16 Twin Cam ‘Levin’ engine, this car is powered by a comparable 2T-G Toyota Twin Cam engine of the same period fitted with two twin choke Dell’Orto carburettors. This magnificent Toyota Corolla Coupé is a great proposition for the Toyota collector or the person who wants to compete in historic rally events with an incredibly special and seldom seen car!


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