Volkswagen-Porsche 914, 1970
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Updated: 24-May-2024 16:00

Volkswagen-Porsche 914, 1970

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VW-Porsche 914 1.7L, year 1970. Colour yellow with a beige/black/grey interior. This VW-Porsche 914 was extensively restored. The originally black interior has been given a more luxurious appearance with beige leatherette covering the dashboard and the door panels. Special feature on the 914 is the detachable roof panel which can be stored in the rear compartment! With the roof panel in place luggage space is available in the front and the rear! This VW-Porsche 914 features alloy wheels, fog lamps at front and a car radio.


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In the late 1960'ies Porsche as well as Volkswagen were planning to build a sports car powered by a centrally mounted engine. Because of the very good contacts between both firms they decided to cooperate in the project. Porsche was given the lead in the design and construction of the car. The VW-Porsche was given a unitary steel Targa type bodywork of which the roof panel could be stowed away in the rear trunk. The car featured independent suspension and disk brakes all round. First the VW-Porsche 914 was presented in the year 1969, the Porsche 914/6 was introduced in 1970. The exterior of the cars looked identical, the Porsche 914/6 could be identified by the badge 914-6 at the rear and, the Fuchs wheels, the Porsche steering wheel and the ignition switch at the left side of the steering wheel. The biggest difference could be found 'under the bonnet': the VW-Porsche was powered by a 80 bhp. VW 412 air-cooled four cylinder boxer engine. This engine was fitted with Bosch J-Jetronic petrol injection. The Porsche 914/6 featured the 110 bhp. 2.0 Litre six cylinder boxer engine of the Porsche 911T. No petrol injection on this one but two triple choke Weber carburettors. Both cars shared the same Porsche 5-speed manual gearbox. The Porsche 914/6 was a third more expensive as the VW-Porsche 914. After just 3338 cars produced the Porsche 914/6 was taken out of production in the year 1972. Original 914/6 cars are scarce nowadays. The VW-Porsche 914 was built until 1976. The car was very popular in the USA and 115.646 cars were built.

Technical data

Four cylinder boxer engine (VW 411)
Cylinder capacity: 1679 cc.
Bosch D-Jetronic petrol injection
Capacity: 80 bhp. at 4900 rpm.
Torque: 177 Nm. at 2700 rpm.
Top-speed: approx. 177 km/h.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-96 mph.): approx 13 sec.
Brakes: disc brakes all round
Gearbox: 5-speed, manual
Weight: 900 kg.

Marc Vorgers
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Marc Vorgers