Volvo 1800 ES, 1972
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Volvo 1800 ES, 1972

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Volvo 1800 ES automatic, year 1972. Colour dark green combined with a black leather interior and black carpet. This wonderful and eye-catching Volvo 1800 ES was sold new in the USA. The Volvo 1800 ES is one of the first ‘lifestyle estates’, another classic example is the Reliant Scimitar. The automobile was imported from the USA to the Netherlands in the year 2006. After arrival in the Netherlands the car was extensively restored. The original dashboard and the leather upholstery were refurbished. A photo report of the restoration is present, and the history file contains restoration invoices. Since 2006 this desirable Volvo 1800 Es has known only one owner. The 1800 ES features the renowned Volvo B20 four-cylinder engine fitted with a petrol injection system. In recent years a Stainless-Steel exhaust was fitted, and 123 electronic ignition. The engine runs perfectly, and the 3-speed automatic gearbox shifts very well. The Volvo 1800 ES is a wonderfully designed car showing fantastic details like the long side windows, the glass boot-lid and the chrome side trim extending into the door handles. The Volvo 1800 ES is quite a rare classic car, only 8078 examples were produced from 1971 until 1973. This Volvo 1800 ES drives very well. An icon of the 1970s for the Volvo enthusiast!


Classic Open 2305

The Volvo P 1800 is undoubtedly the most elegantly, exquisitely and dynamically designed Volvo of the twentieth century. The Volvo P 1800 was designed by Per Petterson who was employed at 'carrosseria Frua' those days.

The Volvo P 1800 came onto the market in 1961 as a coupe and was initially built at Jensen’s in England. The P1800 became world-famous for the series of "The Saint" in the 1960s, with Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the leading role.
After building 6000 cars in 1963, production of the P 1800 was relocated to Sweden, and the car was then named the P1800 "S" (Sverige).
In September 1969, the P1800 E came onto the market with a Bosch fuel injection system, a modified dashboard and had disc brakes all around. The P1800 ES estate/coupe came onto the market in 1971.

Technical data

Four-cylinder Volvo B20E engine
Bosch petrol injection
cylinder capacity: 1998 cc.
capacity: 135 bhp. at 6000 rpm.
gearbox: 4 speed+ overdrive (3-speed automatic optional)
top speed: 185 km/h.
weight: 1130 kg.

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Phone: +31 (0)26 442 99 37
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