Wolseley Hornet Special, 1935
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Wolseley Hornet Special, 1935

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Wolseley Hornet ‘Daytona’ Special, year 1935. Colour crème white (Old English White) combined with a red leather interior and red carpet. Black mohair hood. This gorgeous Wolseley Hornet began life as a saloon car; in the year 2009 the automobile was extensively restored in Germany by a make specialist. In the rebuild the saloon bodywork was exchanged by a period Eustace Watkins (of London, U.K.) ‘Daytona’ bodywork which was also fully restored in the process. The car is powered by the original (overhauled) very smooth-running original 1271 cc straight-six engine which is mated to a four-speed manually operated gearbox. This fine special is in superb top condition and the car gives you that special pre-war driving experience to the fullest! The windscreen can be folded, something period owners did for a ‘free practise’ outing on the famous Brooklands motor course in England. This is a rare six-cylinder Hornet and it is a very desirable and very well built special!


Altena 1806 S3

The Wolseley Hornet Special was produced between 1932 and 1934. The standard Hornet versions were already in production from the year 1930. The Wolseley Hornet was designed upon a modified Morris Minor chassis.
The Hornet Special was equipped with a 1271 cc. six-cylinder in-line engine. The straight-six that powered the Hornet Special was a modified and tuned Hornet engine. The engine was equipped with two S.U. carburettors, high compression pistons and duplex valve-coilsprings (to cope with the higher maximum engine speed). The Hornet Special engine produced 47 bhp. giving the car a top speed of approximately 80 mph. Additionally the Special was equipped with a stronger front axle and larger drumbrakes; the Special was equipped with 12" drumbrakes all round.

Technical data

six-cylinder engine
cylindercapacity: 1271 cc.
capacity: 47 bhp.
top-speed: approx. 130 km/h - 80 mp/h.
gearbox: 3- speed manual

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