Alvis 3-Litre special, 1950
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Alvis 3-Litre special, 1950 | € 169.500,--

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Alvis 3- Litre special, year chassis 1950. Chassis number TA14/23745, engine number TC/100/25904. Colour Old English white with black bonnet striping and black wheels. Black leather seats and a black tonneau cover. This magnificent Alvis 3-Litre special was built by Racing Green Engineering (R.G.E.) of Wales, the automobile was completed in the year 2014. This impressively looking and driving Alvis special was built on an Alvis TA14 chassis and is powered by a 3 Litre TC straight six engine. In good Alvis tradition the four-speed manually operated gearbox is fully synchronised. The original chassis and components were fully restored and overhauled to perfection, and the bodywork was hand-built from aluminium sheet by the RGE craftsmen to the highest standards. The bodywork design was inspired by the look of vintage 1930’s Alvis racing cars. This Alvis 3-Litre special is in a superb condition and the car drives and handles impressively. The engine has a lot of power, and the exhaust note is exhilarating! Like every special built by R.G.E. this Alvis is a top-class quality product; smartly engineered and designed, and superbly built. The chassis and mechanicals all comply to original factory specifications, the car can be imported to, and road registered in any country around the globe. The previous owner has enjoyed the car for 10 years, a highlight was the participation in the Gran Premio Nuvolari (Editione Moderna) in Italy. A costly vintage Halda Twinmaster analogue rally meter is fitted for the new owner to enter the car in historic touring and regularity events. The automobile comes with a full history. This is unique Alvis special built by a renowned specialist. A fantastic find for the ‘Pre-War’ sports car enthusiast who likes to drive in ‘Pre-War’ style but with great ease of operation and a bit more driving comfort!

This Alvis is for sale at Altena Classic Service.
Price: € 169.500, -.

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Alvis history

Alvis was founded by Thomas George John and G.P. de Freville. The first cars built under the Alvis name were manufactured in 1920, and the last Alvis (sports) cars came out of the factory in Coventry 47 years later. The ending of the brand name Alvis was sealed when it was incorporated into the British Leyland concern, where it became part of Rover.

The Alvis cars were of great quality and workmanship and were very fast as well. As for their cars, many parts were designed and manufactured by Alvis’ own staff, and production was small-scaled and exclusive. In the 1920s, Alvis was the first British car model to experiment with four-wheel drive. In fact, in 1925, they even manufactured sports and racing cars equipped with front-wheel drive, which had also been fitted with an overhead camshaft.

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