Citroen 2CV6, 1975
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Citroen 2CV6, 1975

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Citroën 2CV6 year 1975. Colour two-tone black with yellow in the style of the 2CV6 Charleston, combined with a black vinyl interior and a black mohair roof top. This magnificent Citroën 2CV6 was extensively restored in recent years. The interior still shows the original seat upholstery, in the rear bench you will find a rip in the fabric. The chassis was renewed and the engine overhauled. This 2CV6 is in a very good to excellent condition and it comes with a restoration report. The Citroën 2CV was designed and constructed as a multi-purpose vehicle for French farmers. Simple and reliable mechanicals, a light yet robust structure and a superbly comfortable suspension that absorbs the biggest bumps and potholes. The 2CV6 also became a very popular city car all around Europe. Now an iconic cult car bringing smiles to the faces of all and sundry. The driving experience is unique because of the extremely soft suspension, the ‘umbrella stick’ shifter, the unmistakeable 2CV two-cylinder sound and, finally, the ragtop that can be opened partially or fully!


Classic Open 2309

Technical data

2 cylinder boxer engine
cylinder capacity: 435 cc.
induction: 1 x Solex 34PICS4
capacity: 23 bhp.
torque: 28.4 Nm.
top-speed: approx. 110 km/h
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
brakes: drum brakes all round
weight: approx. 560 kg.

route map
Phone: +31 (0)26 442 99 37
Bonnetstraat 33
6718 XN Ede