Lotus Elan 1600 (Series 1), 1964
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Lotus Elan 1600 (Series 1), 1964 | € 44.500,--

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Lotus Elan 1600 (series 1), year 1964. Colour red with a black interior and a black soft-top. This car has production number 258. This gorgeous Lotus Elan of the 1st series was fully restored, the car was completed recently. The special tube chassis, the GRP bodywork and all the mechanical components including the Lotus twin cam engine, were restored and overhauled. The restoration was carried out according to factory original specifications. A comprehensive photo report and invoices of the restoration are present. This magnificent lotus Elan is in a superb condition and the car sounds and drives perfectly! The Lotus Elan is globally acclaimed by connoisseurs and drivers as being the best handling classic sports car for the open road. The low weight of only 680 kilogrammes (glass fibre reinforced plastic body mounted on a central-tube chassis) combined with a powerful 105 DIN hp engine and splendid road holding have resulted in a spectacular compact sports car with a top speed of 180 km/h and an acceleration from 0-100 in 7.8 seconds; STELLAR performance in the 1960s! An iconic sport car creation initiated by Lotus director Colin Chapman and designed by Ron Hickman. This is a very sporty, superbly handling, and very much sought-after Lotus Elan Series 1!

This Lotus is for sale at Classic Open.
Price: € 44.500, -.

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Lotus cars was established in the year 1952 by the British engineer Colin Chapman. Earlier, in the year 1948 the first Lotus saw the light of day. It was an Austin Seven based trial car which was named Lotus Mk I. The first company building was located located at old stables in Hensey, north London. In the year 1954 the company was split into Lotus cars and Team Lotus for the racing activities. Team Lotus competed in the Formula 1 championships from 1958 until 1994. Concerning the street cars Lotus has become renown for the Lotus seven and the Super Seven. These ultra light 'street racers' are being produced until this day. The cars are available ready made and in kit form.
All Lotus racing and sports cars are being engineered by the same philosophy: as light as possible. Because of the low weight Lotus cars feature superb road holding capacities, the experience is truly go-kart like. In 1957 the famous Lotus de Elite was presented, this sports car was the first car with a GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) unitary bodywork. The Elite was very competitive on the track. In the year 1962 the Lotus Elan was introduced. The Elan was constructed with a backbone chassis on which the GRP body was mounted. The Elan is one of the finest driving and handling classic sports cars. The year 1966 saw the birth of the Lotus Europa. Again a backbone chassis was used but this time the car featured a centrally mounted engine.
Lotus is still alive and kicking with the models Elise, Exige and the modern Europa. The story continues strongly because Lotus always stuck to their philosophy: building ultra light, fast and superb handling cars for road and track use.

Technical data

engine: Four cylinder in-line engine with double
overhead camshafts (DOHC)
induction: 2 x twin choke Weber
cylinder capacity: 1558 cc.
apacity: 105 bhp. at 6600 rpm.
torque 146 Nm. at 4200 rpm.
gearbox: 4-speed, manual
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 7.8 sec.
top-speed: 112 mph / 180 km/h.
weight: 680 kg.

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