Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850, 1965
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Updated: 15-July-2024 14:47

Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850, 1965 | € 33.500,--

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Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 (Two Stroke), year 1965. Colour Toreador Red with the unique two tone red/ grey Monte Carlo interior. This fantastic and scarce Saab 96 Monte Carlo was sold new in the Netherlands. From new, the car has known only two owners! The car was with the first owner for 53 years until it was sold to the second owner in 2018. This bodywork of this Saab 96 was perfectly restored in the past and the three-cylinder two-stroke engine was overhauled. This desirable Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 is in a very good condition! The Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 was built to commemorate the victories of rally driver Erik Carlsson in the 1962 and 1963 Monte Carlo rallies. The Monte Carlo model features special options and details: The 850-cc engine is fitted with three carburettors, an automatic two stroke oil lube system, and the wheels are mounted to the hubs with five bolts instead of four on other Saab 96 models. Optically the Monte Carlo distinguishes itself by the ‘Monte Carlo’ badges, special seats and rear bench, the sporty dashboard with wood rimmed steering wheel, special door cards and double chrome strips on the sides. As extra this Saab features a rally roof search-lamp which can be directed from the inside. The driving experience of a two-stroke Saab 96 is unique, the sound of the engine, the free-wheel clutch, the comfortable ride, the superb roadholding, and the wonderful aerodynamic design. This is a rare Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 in very good condition!

This Saab is for sale at Classic Open.
Price: € 33.500, -.

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