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The days are getting shorter again and slowly the autumn colours are preparing us for the last two months of the year. In contrast to other years, the photos still show an abundance of green leaves in the trees! Today I present you updates on the impressive restorations at Amicale Facel Holland and Classic Job. A new project of a Jensen CV8 has been added at Classic Job. You will also be introduced to eight excellent classic cars, vintage cars, and sports cars for sale, including two Lancia Beta models in completely original condition and with a very low mileage. Our Classentials web shop has also been supplemented with various special and rare classic car radios, vintage accessories, and 1960s Corgi Toys models. "Enjoy the Ride!" 
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Marc Vorgers.
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This magnificent 1961 Facel Vega HK-500, with chassis number HK1 CG4, is the last built HK-500! The car is being restored by Amicale Facel Holland. The restoration started in 2020 as the car was fully stripped in preparation of the sheet metal work. Now, the sheet metal work is completed and the bodywork was coated in a special KTL* bath. *'Kathodische Tauch Lackierung' (electrostatic dipping lacquer). With the aid of a direct current voltage, the paint particles are drawn to the product and a layer of paint is formed on the surface. In this way it is possible to provide hard-to-reach places with a layer of lacquer. More information on the website.
Phone international: 0031 529 481 385
FIAT 124 SPIDER 2000, 1980
Fiat 124 Spider 2000 (CS2), year 1980. Colour grey metallic combined with a dark red leather interior trimmed with black carpet. Black mohair convertible top. This magnificent Fiat 124 2000 Spider was imported to the Netherlands in the year 2020. Early 2021 the car was given beautiful new paint, the engine and the gearbox were overhauled, the brakes were overhauled, and the suspension was slightly lowered. New Weber IDF40 carburettors were fitted, which were fine-tuned on a dynamometer. Everything is up to date. This Fiat 124 Spider is in a superb top condition and the car drives perfectly!
More information on the website.
Price: € 25.950,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 516 520 026
JAGUAR XK 140 3.4 LITRE OTS, 1957
Jaguar XK 140 3.4 Litre OTS, year 1957. This is a matching numbers car, a Heritage certificate to confirm this is present. Colour red combined with a black leather interior trimmed with red piping and black carpet. Black mohair soft-top, tonneau cover and side-screens. This wonderful Jaguar XK 140 Open Two Seater (also named roadster in the US) was sold new to the US. In the year 1996 the automobile was shipped to the Netherlands where an extensive nut and bolt restoration was executed. The restoration was done to perfection and the car was serviced and maintained beautifully ever since. The car is mechanically and technically fully up to date. This gorgeous Jaguar XK 140 roadster is in an excellent condition, and it comes with a complete history file!
More information on the website.
Price: € 112.000,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 524 561 122
Lancia Beta 1300 Coupé, year 1980. Colour dark blue (Lancia Blue 438) combined with a grey / black interior. Grey cloth seats, black carpet, and black / grey door trim. This wonderful Lancia Beta Coupé was recently imported from Italy where it was purchased from its first owner, Mr. Giommi in Pesaro. This Lancia Beta Coupé is in a fantastic and LIKE NEW original top condition! The car has driven only 16.871 kilometres from new! You will not find another example in this splendid condition! More information on the website.
Price: € 14.950,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 516 520 026
Mercedes-Benz 280 SL (W113), year 1971. Factory original (matching) numbers and colours. The original ‘Datenkarte’ is present to confirm this. Colour pale blue (MB colour 304) combined with a beige leather interior and beige carpet. Dark blue mohair soft-top and an original hard top in body colour. This wonderful Mercedes-Benz 280 SL ‘Pagode’ was sold new in the United States. This fully original automobile had been in long-time Californian ownership when it was purchased by a Mercedes-Benz specialist who imported the car to the Netherlands. In the year 2016 the car was brought up to date; the suspension was rebuilt, the engine was overhauled, and everything was fully checked. This fine Mercedes SL is fitted with a perfectly working automatic gearbox and an original air-conditioner. This is a highly desirable, fully original Mercedes-Benz 280 SL ‘Pagode’!
More information on the website. 
Price: € 82.500,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 524 561 122
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, year 1960. Colour red combined with a black interior, black leather bucket seats and black carpet. This gorgeous Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint was imported to the Netherlands in the year 2008. Since 2012 the car formed part of an Italian car collection. In the past the original 1300 cc engine was replaced for a more powerful 1600 cc engine fitted with two twin choke carburettors, special vintage bucket seats were fitted, and the bumpers were removed to obtain a sportier appearance. Because the car was not used for some years the brake system was overhauled recently. This Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is in a very good and beautiful condition with slight signs of use, and the car drives very well! More information on the website.
Price: € 54.950,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 516 520 026
Alvis Speed 20 SB Tourer, year 1933. Colour black combined with red wire wheels and a red leather interior. Red carpet, red mohair hood, and a red mohair tonneau cover. This beautiful Alvis Speed 20 SB was sold new in the United Kingdom: UK registration AXB850. This Alvis comes with a complete history file from new. The car was sold new with a Charlesworth saloon bodywork. In the 1960s the bodywork proved to be beyond repair, and a Cross & Ellis Tourer body was fitted. The bodywork was taken from an Alvis Speed 20 SA with registration HY6195 which was in possession of the same owner. This modification is described in the logbook and DVLA documentation. This wonderful pre-war Alvis Speed 20 SB with Cross & Ellis Tourer bodywork was extensively restored in the United Kingdom. A photo report of the restoration is present. This Alvis is in an excellent condition, and the automobile drives delightfully! More information on the website.
Price: € 112.000,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 524 561 122
LANCIA BETA 1600 HPE, 1978
Lancia Beta 1600 HPE, year 1978. Colour dark red (Rosso York) combined with a two-tone leathercloth / cloth interior in dark brown and ochre. This beautiful Lancia Beta 1600 HPE was sold new to a hotel owner in Tuscany, Italy. In 2013, after 35 years of ownership, he sold the car to a German enthusiast who had been asking to buy the car for many years. In the year 2015 the Lancia was purchased by a Lancia enthusiast from the Netherlands who had the car (mechanically) perfected in detail. We have acquired this three-owner car in 2021. This fantastic Lancia 1600 HPE is in a superb and fully original condition! You will be hard pressed to find a better example! More information on the website.
Price: € 16.950,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 516 520 026
Austin Healey 3000 Mk III phase 1, year 1964. This is a matching numbers car, a Heritage certificate to confirm this is present. Color Ice-blue metallic over cream white combined with a dark blue leather interior and dark blue carpet. Dark blue mohair convertible hood and hood cover. This beautiful 'Big Healey' was sold new in the USA. The automobile was exported to the Netherlands in 1995. In the years 1996 – 1997 the car was extensively and beautifully restored and overhauled. All invoices are present in a folder. This beautiful example is in a very good and beautiful condition inside and out and the car drives and steers perfectly! More information on the website. 
Price: € 69.500,-*.
Telephone international: 0031 524 561 122
This fantastic 1952 Talbot lago T26 Record Surprofilé is being fully restored and overhauled by Classic Job. The bodywork was restored, primed and beautifully painted. The engine and gearbox have been completely overhauled and reassembled into the chassis.
More information on the website. 
Telephone international: 0031 529 481 385
This Jensen CV8 is being fully restored by Classic Job. The Jensen CV8 is a complex car built with a steel chassis/floor section and a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) body. Doors, hood, and boot lid are also made of GRP. The chassis is equipped with two strong longitudinal tubes with a large diameter on which the engine bulkhead, the interior floor, the trunk partition, and the trunk floor are placed. These structures are made of sheet metal. The original sheet metal was heavily corroded and had to be almost completely renewed. The extensive reconstruction of the chassis/floor section can be seen in the photo report. 
Telephone international: 0031 529 481 385
This Porsche 912 (F-series) body from 1965 is being restored to top condition by Classic Job for a customer from Switzerland. The bodywork arrived completely stripped and in a very rusty and poor condition at the Classic Job workshop, only the roof was found to be free of rust. After a full inspection of the structure it was discovered that this short wheelbase Porsche 912 was modified to long wheelbase at some point in time. Look closely at the photos to see the non-original seams and poorly executed old repairs. This Porsche F-series body is the worst 911/912 we've seen yet. The Classic Job craftsmen restore this Porsche 912 body to factory original short wheelbase specifications.
Telephone international: 0031 529 481 385

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