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Dear classic car enthusiast,
After a fresh and wet spring in our region, we have been able to fully enjoy many delightful summer weeks with our classic cars in June and July. There have even been vintage car tours again. Now we have to wait for the historic rally events that will start again in the autumn if all goes well.
In the past period, many classic- and sports cars have been tested and photographed. Today I present sixteen new arrivals coming from most decades in the 20th century. Above you see two beautiful and special 1981 Lancias powered by boxer engines from the Montagna d'Oro collection; a Lancia Gamma Berlina and a Gamma Coupé in beautiful and very original condition. Today I also surprise you with a wide pre-war range of which the Bentley 6½ Liter 4-seater tourer from 1926 is the exclusive showpiece. Attention is also paid to a great 1934 Alvis Silver Eagle Special, which was recently completed after restoration/new construction at Altena Classic Service. Rarely have I driven such a beautifully and perfectly built 'special': A true masterpiece!
I wish you a happy holiday season and..."Enjoy the ride!"
With best regards,
Marc Vorgers.
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This gorgeous 1934 Alvis Silver Eagle was fully restored / built new by Altena Classic Service. The old Alvis bodywork proved to be beyond repair, so the owner decided to have a brand-new special two-seater sports body made. Many other parts were also custom made to perfection. Study the extensive photo report and admire all the wonderful details on this unique Alvis Silver Eagle Special!
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MG Q-type Special, year 1937. The original UK V5C registration with number ERA43X is still present, currently the car is registered in the Netherlands. Colour dark red combined with brown leather seats in the interior, and a black mohair tonneau cover. This magnificent MG Q-type racer was recently completed by a specialist in the UK. The car was built on an MG TA chassis and no effort was spared aiming for perfection! The Q-type style bodywork and ‘cycle-wings’ were wonderfully hand crafted from aluminium sheet by a gifted craftsman. This MG Q-type special is in a wonderful and brand-new condition and the car drives perfectly! This MG Q-type special comes fully documented. This brand new built and unique MG Q-type special is finished to very high standards; you will not find a second Q-type special of this quality. More information on the website.
Price: € 79.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
Lancia Gamma 2500 Coupé, year 1981. Colour dark red combined with a beige leather interior, black carpet, and brown protective mats. The Lancia Gamma Coupé 2500 of the 1st series is fitted with an advanced aluminium boxer engine featuring overhead camshafts and a double Weber carburettor. The Lancia Gamma Coupé is a rare automobile, only 2337 examples of this 2500 model were built. This gorgeous example was sold new in Germany to Mr, Daniels in Krefeld, Germany. Second owner from 2014 was Mr. Hauben in Hasselt, Belgium. The current odometer reading is 76.754 km. This rare Lancia Gamma Coupé is in a stunning and excellent original condition and the car drives delightfully! 
More information on the website.
Price: € 18.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Lancia Gamma 2000 Berlina, year 1981. Colour gold metallic (Oro Metallizato) combined with a beige cloth interior and dark brown carpet. The Lancia Gamma Berlina of the 2nd series (1980-1984) with the 2 Litre flat-four engine was only sold in Italy, a rare model of which only 2465 were built. The car was designed by Pininfarina and technically everything on the Gamma was the cream of the crop. This wonderful example was delivered new to Francesco and Anna Marzo on 21 March 1981 by the Lancia representative in Lecce, Italy. Mr. Marzo passed away in the year 1997 and for twenty years the car was kept in the garage. The odometer currently reads 21.136 kilometres. This Lancia Gamma Berlina is in a very good original condition! More information on the website.
Price: € 12.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Saab Sonett III, year 1971. Colour dark red combined with a brown leatherette interior, brown carpet, and grey protective mats. This rare Saab Sonett III was restored / improved recently. Also, the V4 engine and the gearbox were overhauled. Photos showing the work which was carried out are present. This incredibly special Saab Sonett III is in a very good condition, and the car offers a unique driving experience. The Saab Sonett was designed for the US market, and from 1970 until 1974 8368 cars of this type were built. The Sonett is a GRP bodied lightweight (830 kg empty) sports car based on the Saab 96 V4 floor pan. This Saab Sonet III shows all the original details including original alloy wheels! More information on the website. 
Price: € 26.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 26 442 99 37
MG TC, 1948
MG TC, year 1948. Colour black combined with an apple green leather interior, apple green bodywork ‘piping’ and radiator grille. Black carpet, black tonneau cover, beige hood, and side screens with beige frames. This gorgeous MG TC “Midget” was fully and beautifully restored twenty years ago. The MG is still in excellent to superb condition, and the car drives perfectly. The car was registered in the Netherlands in 1997, the MG has known only one owner ever since. The car performs better than a standard MG TC because some upgrades were carried out: The cylinder capacity was slightly increased, a “faster” camshaft was fitted, as were larger carburettors. The rear axle ratio was changed so that the engine turns at lower revolutions at speed. For increased comfort and safety, the steering gear was improved, and the standard steel drum brakes were exchanged for “Alfin” aluminium drums around. This is a fantastic MG TC showing all the original interior and exterior details, a magnificent example! More information on the website.
Price: € 36.500,-*.
Telephone internastional: +31 26 442 99 37
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupé, year 1976. Colour red combined with a multicoloured brown cloth interior and a brown leatherette dashboard. This magnificent Lancia Beta Montecarlo of the 1st series was sold new in Italy to a Mr. A. Rubata. The car was purchased from the first owner and exported to the Netherlands in the year 2011 when it had run only 84.015 kilometres from new. After arrival in the Netherlands, this super original Lancia Beta Montecarlo was added to a Lancia car collection. Now, a decade later, the car was brought back to life again to bring joy to a new owner! The car received extensive service with a brake system overhaul and renewal of the timing belt. The car has now driven 84.127 kilometres from new. This wonderful Lancia Beta Montecarlo is in a very good to excellent original condition and the car drives beautifully! More information on the website.
Price: € 16.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
JAGUAR XJ6 4.2 COUPÉ, 1976
Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Coupé series 2, year 1976. Colour Gun metal grey metallic combined with a black leather interior. This gorgeous Jaguar XJ6 Coupé (XJ-C) was imported to the Netherlands in the year 1997. In the early 2000s the car was extensively restored and mechanically modified. The bodywork was restored from the bare metal and the original leather interior was refurbished. The complete drive train (engine, gearbox, axles, suspension, and sundry other parts) was exchanged with more modern parts coming from a Jaguar X300 (model produced between 1994 and 1997) which had then driven 60.000 kilometres. The car was also fitted with a new cooling system, a new air-conditioning, Stainless Steel exhausts, and new Stainless-Steel bumpers. The modern motor-management computer was built-in invisibly. The restoration and the extensive modifications were carried out wonderfully by a Jaguar specialist. Costs nor effort was spared to create this top class XJ6! More information on the website.
Price: € 37.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
COUPÉ FIAT 2.0 20V TURBO, 1997
Coupé Fiat 2.0 20V Turbo, year 1997 (28-3-1997) Colour dark red metallic combined with a beige leather interior, beige carpet and black protective mats. This gorgeous Coupé Fiat 20V Turbo was sold new in Italy. Our Italian contact purchased this beauty from the 1st owner, mr. Compasso of Frattomaggione. This wonderful Coupé Fiat has driven only 35.453 kilometres from new! At 35.342 km the car was serviced by the Italian Fiat dealer and the timing belt was renewed. The service intervals are recorded in the service book. This Coupé Fiat 2.0 20V Turbo is in a stunning and like new condition! You will only find the slightest traces of previous use and the car drives, feels, and handles perfectly. The car comes complete with all the original booklets and three original keys. It will be hard to find a better example of this highly desirable Italian sports car! More information on the website. 
Price: € 29.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
TRIUMPH TR 3, 1957
TTriumph TR 3, year 1957. Colour dark blue combined with a red leather interior trimmed with black carpet and black rubber protective mats. Black vinyl hood, hood cover and side screen frames. This wonderful Triumph TR 3 was sold new to the United States. In the year 1997 the car was imported to the Netherlands. After arrival in the Netherlands the proud owner enjoyed the car as-is in largely original condition. In the years 2018 – 2020 the Triumph was fully stripped and extensively restored by a Triumph specialist with eye for the original details. This early Triumph TR 3 with the ‘small mouth’ grille is in superb condition, the high quality of the restoration is obvious. The car shows all the original details, and the bodywork shows a perfect panel fit. The 1957 TR 3 is eligible to participate in the yearly Mille Miglia historic reliability event. More information on the website. 
Price: € 42.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
MG TD, 1953
MG TD, year 1953. Colour black combined with a red interior trimmed with black carpet. Black soft- top, tonneau cover, and side screen frames. This beautiful MG TD is in a very good condition with slight signs of pervious use. The automobile drives delightfully, and the open top experience brings a feeling of ultimate freedom. The MG ‘Midget’ series, which was introduced before WW2, is the legendary British sports car model. The cars were shipped to the USA by American soldiers because they did not have light sports cars at home. These cars are fantastic to drive on small meandering roads in the countryside. This MG TD shows wonderful original details, and the car is fitted with an after-market steering wheel with wood rim and a 5-speed gearbox. More information on the website.
Price: € 29.000,-*.
Telephone international : +31 26 442 99 37
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1600, year 1976. Colour dark blue (Bleu Olandese) combined with a beige leatherette interior, brown carpet, and grey protective mats with beige edge trim. As the Alfa Romeo Alfetta was introduced in 1972 it was the first medium sized Alfa sedan in ten years. The presented wonderful first series Alfetta was purchased in Italy from the car collection of the 2nd Italian owner. The car was recently serviced in Italy and carburettors cleaned and rebuilt. This super original example is in a very good condition with slight traces of use and age in the interior. The odometer currently reads 94.989 km. This fantastic Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1600 comes with Italian papers and documents. This is a hard to find first series Alfetta in wonderful original condition! More information on the website. 
Price: € 19.950,-*.
Telephone international: +31 516 520 026
Alvis Speed 20 SA tourer, year 1932. Colour red combined with a pale grey leather interior and pale grey carpet. Pale grey hood, tonneau cover, and hood cover, all trimmed with red piping. This marvellous Alvis Speed 20 SA Tourer was sold new to a family Hebert in 1932. The original order forms for the chassis and the vanden Plas Tourer body are present in the extensive history file. The history is complete from day 1 and all the previous owners are known! This super original Alvis Speed 20 is a matching numbers car, the original Alvis car record, stating the original numbers is present. The last owner has cherished the Alvis since 1996. In the years 2000-2003 the car was fully and perfectly restored by a specialist firm. The mechanical components were overhauled and restored by Alvis specialist Early engineering in the UK. The ‘nut and bolt’ restoration was carried out to perfection. The automobile is still in excellent to superb condition and the car drives, shifts, brakes, and handles delightfully! More information on the website. 
Price: € 159.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
MG MGB roadster, 1978
MG MGB Roadster, year 1978. Colour Carmine red combined with a black leatherette interior, black carpet, and a black vinyl soft top and black hood cover. This delightful MGB Roadster was sold new in the USA. In the year 1998 the automobile was imported from California. This 1978 MGB Roadster comes from the final and technically most developed model series. This MGB is in a very good to excellent condition, the car shows only minimal signs of previous use on the exterior, interior and in the boot. The 1800 cc four-cylinder engine makes that this MGB is still an excellent performer in modern traffic conditions. More information on the website. 
Price: € 11.950,-*.
Telephone international : +31 26 442 99 37
TRIUMPH TR 6, 1969
Triumph TR 6, year 1969. Colour Damson red combined with a black leatherette interior, black carpet, black vinyl soft-top, and a black hood cover. This tremendous Triumph TR 6 was built in 1968, so it was one of the first carburettor models exported to the USA. This wonderful automobile was imported to the Netherlands in 1998. This TR 6 was extensively restored in the past, the car is still in excellent condition, and it drives exceptionally well! The delightful 2.5 Litre six-cylinder engine runs smooth and powerful, and the exhaust note is addictive! This is a highly desirable example in excellent condition!  More information on the website. 
Price: € 29.500,-*.
Telephone international : +31 26 442 99 37
JAGUAR XK 150 SE 3.4 LITRE FHC, 1959
Jaguar XK 150 SE 3.4 Litre FHC, year 1959. Colour pastel blue combined with a dark blue leather interior and dark blue carpet. This gorgeous Jaguar XK 150 SE FHC (Fixed head Coupé) was sold new in the USA. The car was shipped from Rhode Island to the Netherlands in the year 2015. This wonderful Jaguar XK 150 is in a very good condition with slight signs of use and age. This very original car was given new paint in the USA, and it was well maintained over the years. The bodywork is in a wonderful condition showing an excellent panel fit. Recently the car was given some technical updates, invoices of the works are present. This Jaguar XK 150 is a fantastic driver car! More information on the website. 
Price: € 89.500,-*.
Telephone international: +31 524 561 122
Bentley 6 ½ Litre 4-seater tourer, year 1926. Colour blue combined with a mouse grey leather interior and mouse grey carpet. Black hood and black mohair tonneau cover. In November 1926, this majestic Bentley 6 ½ Litre with chassis WK266X was supplied to a Major R. Creyke in the UK fitted with a Weyman type saloon body by H.J. Mulliner. The automobile remained in England for a long time before it was taken to Sweden by its new owner who had R.C. Moss convert it to a Vanden Plas style 4-seater tourer body in the 1960s. WK266X reappeared in 1970 at the Kensington Gardens Parade in London in its tourer guise. In December 1993, WK266X was sold to the Netherlands by the well-known London dealer Gregor Fisken. The car was registered in the Netherlands in 1994. Only 284 Bentley 6 ½ Litre chassis were built from 1926 until the end of 1928. This Bentley 6 ½ Litre is listed in the Bentley Register. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a sought-after Bentley 6 ½ Litre. The automobile can be sold to, and registered in, any country around the globe.
More information on the website. 
Price: On application*.
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